She is Cosmic Membership

A personalised Membership for Cosmic Women who desire to connect to the power of the Universe and the wisdom of the stars to magnetically and intentionally create the life of their dreams.

Harness the Power of the Moon


The Moon rules and influences our emotions, mental state, and our heart space –  working with its phases is powerful way to manifest, using the principles of the law of attraction.

When you become in sync with the Moon, you are connecting deeply to the cosmos where you can create from a place of flow and ease.

In Vedic Astrology, after the ascendant the Moon is considered one of the most important – it is the closest and quickest moving celestial body.

Depending on the different moon phases, some have more magnetic energy which can harnessed  to focus and easily bring what you want into your life.

Whereas other stages are better for releasing what no longer serves you, such as letting go of toxic habits or limiting beliefs, this phase is when it will be easier for you to release (and stick to) and create space for the new.

Both the intention setting and release phases of the moon are important in the Moon manifestation process.

What also influences the Moon is what zodiac and what Nakshatra that the Moon is placed in. This is what I like to describe as the flavour of the Moon phase and this is powerful in itself.

In the membership we do a unique ritual to work with the Moon energy. I let you know the overall energetics of this flavour before, as well as a personal overview of how this flavour can impact your life, I also speak on a global level.

You are in the right place if:

You want to learn how to infuse and amplify your manifestation with the powerful energy of the Moon phases?

You notice how sometimes you can easily manifest and other times is seem really hard?

You want to be more in sync and in flow with the universe?

You are in a manifestation rut and don’t seem to be able to attract what you want?

You want accountability to intentionally create time and space to manifest your dream life into reality?

What is She is Cosmic Membership?

Led by Vedic Astrologer and Ayurvedic Consultant Tarra Lee, this exclusive Membership is for the cosmic women who understand that by having a deeper understanding of the universe we can in turn have a deeper understanding of ourselves.

She is Cosmic Membership includes personalised, monthly cosmic guidance on how you can best work with and utilise the cosmic energy to enhance opportunities and minimise potential challenges in your life.

How does the membership work?


Every 2 weeks I send you a personal voice message to let you know what house the moon is transiting for you. This is so you know which area of your life will be highlighted and will be highly influential so you can leverage this energy.

In our private Facebook community, I post a video 2 x Monthly (at minimum) around the upcoming energy and how you can be personally influenced.

Depending on the moon phase I post journal questions for the specific zodiac sign and rituals for you to maximise and intentionally work with this energy.

You have the opportunity to ask any questions and share your wins and be supported with a with a likeminded community.

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What is included in the Membership?

Fortnightly personalised reading via Voxer, Whatsapp or Messenger – Highlighting which area of your life will be in focus (12 houses) and how you can leverage this awareness and energy

Practical tools on how you can make the most of the new and full moon energies to amplify your ability to manifest your visions as well as releasing energy of what is blocking you from success

Access to a private Facebook group with like-minded woman – a judgement free place where we can speak about energy, healing and our spiritual journey

Monthly updates in the private Facebook group on cosmic energy and how this is affecting us collectively

Fortnightly rituals that you can implement on the new moon and full moon and using these times to manifest what you want in life

Enrollment is now CLOSED!

Please join my Mailing List and be the first to know when the Membership opens again!

What the current members are saying…

“Thank you for your amazing recommendations for last nights moon, I am so grateful to have your special soul advising me on my journey. Your advice is beautiful and empowering.”

“I love my monthly reminders that tie so powerfully with both my life and my business”

Tarra is an astro angel! Her guidance, teaching, and insights of the sky helped me navigate the often murky and rocky waters of 2020. Connecting and communicating with Tarra helped me make sense of and gain clarity into my life, my business, and everything I was moving through. And the ‘She is Cosmic’ membership community was such a beautiful and safe space to learn more about incorporating meaningful rituals into our everyday lives. Tarra is a divine source of support.

“Thank you for this insight as always so eye-opening and really hits home”

Enrollment is now CLOSED!

Please join my Mailing List and be the first to know when the Membership opens again!

“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”

—Dane Rudhyar

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