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I work one-one-one with clients treating them holistically and individually.

Let me empower you to become your own healer through education, practical tools, guidance and support.

Ayurveda and Soul Astrology

Ayurveda and Vedic astrology are important means of karmic rectification. Ayurveda works on a physical and mental level, when we identify our body mind type (Vata, Pitta & Kapha), we can formulate and implement the individual and holistic remedies to balance the body and mind with remedies such as diet, herbs, lifestyle and spiritual practices.

Vedic astrology works on a soul and astral body level, the natal chart shows our overall propensity to disease, indicating any vulnerabilities, remedies for planetary factors and balancing the effects include mantras, yantras and rituals.

Ayurveda Services

Ayurvedic Consultation

Achieve and maintain an optimal state of health and longevity.

By discovering and understanding your dosha (physical energetics), you will be empowered to make conscious choices and lifestyle decisions that support your unique constitution. When you understand how to bring your body back into balance you can achieve and maintain an optimal state of health and longevity.

Doshas are the foundation for Ayurveda and express unique blends of emotional, physical, and mental characteristics. There are three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which are all derived from the five elements of nature.

In this Ayurvedic consultation a complete medical history will be taken, to understand the root causes of any health concerns from a physical, emotional, and soul perspective.

A multidimensional Ayurvedic health plan will be created, consisting of guidelines regarding diet, healing herbs, exercise and yoga, meditation, relaxation and stress management techniques, gentle cleansing and detoxification, bodywork, special daily and seasonal routines unique to your constitution.

Astrology Services

Soul Empowerment Astro-Reading

Astrology (jyotisha) is a part of Vedic self-understanding. We look to the stars to see ourselves better, to discover the mysteries that lie within and around us. The main aim of Vedic astrology is to understand our karma, and the pursuit of ultimately reducing our karmatic footprint.

This tool offers us an empowering map into our inner psyche that highlights our strengths, weaknesses, potential blind spots and our limiting perceptions. This self-awareness helps to guide you to meet your ultimate potential in the world.

As part of the Soul Empowerment session we will focus on your past karma, we will discuss where your soul is moving from and towards so that you have awareness of not repeating or desiring a past that will not improve your karma. We will also discuss your ascendant/rising sign, your moon sign and other dominant planet placements.

Hi, I’m

Ayurvedic Consultant and Vedic Astrologer

I first discovered the ancient science of Ayurvedic medicine from a book I was reading on the plane ride home after my mother had passed away from her battle with cancer. For years I had been desperately searching for answers to why this illness had happened and seeking alternatives that could help her. She was the healthiest person I knew, with an impeccable diet and lifestyle routine, so I couldn’t understand how this illness could have developed. When I first saw the term Ayurveda, my soul intuitively knew this was what I had been searching for and I pursued the study of it instantly.  It is what led me to step away from my illustrious corporate career and dedicate myself to educating and empowering others to discover the power of evidence based Vedic medicine. Ayurveda has been the only health modality that could answer all the questions I had and address the body, mind, soul connection.

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